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16th September 2014

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lok season 4 teaser: the new season to start with korra not being fully recovered and still using a wheelchair to get around

I am so happy

Tagged: I'm still worried they're gonna totally gloss over her recovery but thERE'S HOPE?I want more character shit and less OH LOOK THE MACGUFFIN GOT AWAY shit okay

15th September 2014

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15th September 2014

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Pin-tailed Sandgrouse (Pterocles alchata) »by Patrik Wittenby (1|2)

Well here’s an unbelievably magnificent bird with a back like the light filtering through trees to a leafy forest ground or a sunrise gleaming off a gently flowing stream. BIRD. WAI U SO DIVINE

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15th September 2014

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"Innocent animals"

Are there guilty animals

I wonder if birds sell cocaine

Some are quack dealers

I need a moment that was the most perfect pun I’ve ever seen I love you

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15th September 2014

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Yeah cats TOTALLY only like us for food and have no emotional dependency at all.

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15th September 2014

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Take any movie premise about a white man and make it about a grandma and it becomes twice as interesting

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15th September 2014



These guys need to learn about photo quality so badly

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14th September 2014

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"I am just the TA and I can only grade what they submit to me, and even if it is terrible, I just have to grade what they’ve submitted"

has been my mantra this weekend. 

in related news, grading is hard. And I don’t even have to meet the students in my class.

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14th September 2014

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My blog is slowly turning into a Daniel Radcliffe appreciation blog

everyone’s blog should be a daniel radcliffe appreciation blog

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14th September 2014

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my favorite f/m ships are the ones where the dude is pretty much there just to gaze at the girl with heart eyes and fawn over her

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